Reconnecting you with your health and happiness

Say Goodbye to Lacking Energy and Hello to a Nourishing Lifestyle

Are you sick of lacking energy? sick of watching the weight and aches accumulate? sick of trying to make changes and failing? sick of saying "no" to your kids? your partner? opportunities? and are sick of life passing you by? BUT, are equally sick of all the mass-marketed diet, exercise and fitness bullshit that never works for YOU.

I'm looking for people who want to fall in love with a lifestyle and a diet that nourishes them, makes them feel INCREDIBLE and helps them love their body for what it can do, while gaining the mindset, energy and confidence to be the best they can be! (fat loss, strength and muscle gain is just the icing on the cake).

Reconnect with your health and happiness

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What's the deal?

Well, I'm testing a pay monthly model for my online Revolutionary Health Academy. Once it's open to the general public in May it will be priced at a minimum of £9 Paid monthly or £80 paid yearly - you will NEVER be tied into a contract though. If your application is successfully selected, you'll will be testing the app for 8 weeks (starts 6th of March till end of April) for a total of just £8 - so less than half price, at just £1 a week (which doesn't even cover my time and costs, but it does help me help you - with fantastic results, and it does help you help me - with testing and feedback 😁)

What's included?

Unlimited support and guidance from a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist and GP referral instructor 💡
Hundreds of workouts 💪🏽
Hundreds of recipes 🥗
Dozens of meal plans 🥘
Dozens of trainings on mindset, workouts, meal planning and more (and more being added all the time) 🧠
Tools for logging everything you can think of including food, progress photos, measurements and much much more 📉
All delivered in one app that works on any iOS or Android device anywhere in the world (internet connection required) 📱

Interested? Want to get in the best shape of your life? Physically and mentally? Don't hang around, as the spots will likely be full in no time and once this testing is done the price will at least double.

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